I have nothing against Russian Empire as long as it stays away from Poland and other European countries it once swallowed up and brutally exploited. Many non-Russians were forced Russification and suffered much worse if they rose against Russian rule.

Otherwise, if it stays within what is now Russia, I would have no problem with it. If they ruled over all those Asian, Caucasian and North American (Alaska) countries, that would also be fine. Russian nationalism was top-notch then and Russia as such was mightier than it ever was. Russian art, literature, music, ballet and other artforms were absolutely at their prime and comparable only with that of Prussian, French and Austro-Hungarian Empires of that time. Though like every monarchy, it failed. Like all other European countries, it simply could not be that ruling class remained filthy rich while majority of people remained dirt poor (classic recipe for revolution).

I imagine it must have been truly polarised in Russia, that there was such massive revolution that claimed all those millions.
Though of course, from Polish perspective, I can respect elements of Russian Empire of then, but naturally not all of it, since Russian rule of Poland was far more harsh than even Prussian rule over Poland (which is symbolized by amount of Polish uprisings against Russians).
For Russian perspective only though, I can imagine though that this is ultimate empire that they would want to return to.


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