This will be not good, but surely better than America or China's or anyone else's leadership… End…

That's your point of view. In my opinion there is no difference if China, America, Russia or strange looking reptiloid aliens rule the world, it will all end up with suffering and oppression of everyone who disagrees with the rule of the afromentioned. I'm against any superpower controlling the whole world and forcing their will on others.

I see your point of view, and agree with it…It would be good to everyone rules his country and stay in it… I'm just said wich one of present's super powers would be the better of all… I would like to remember you, that I lived under russian occupation, and now american (you know who control Usa right?). And so on, I worked in a Chinese factory, that altough in Hungary, I see what Chinese rulership is look like (in a factory, it is really smaller…)


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