Belarus does not exist?  What about Ukraine?  Ukraine is not in NATO or E.U.  And the only reason Poland and the Baltic joined N.A.T.O. / EU was historical aggression from Russia

A little bit distorted point of view, as it seems to me. Didn't you forget the Germans with their Drang nach Oesten? I might mistake, of course, but doesn't it seem that that Drang started not from the banks of Bug but a little bit farther west? Poor Poles found themselves between the Hammer and the Anvil.

BTW, Ukraine has it's own sphere of influence – they sell a lot of weapons to various countries and arguably have good relations with countries like Georgia, Croatia, et cetera.

While being prompt enough to kiss the US' and EU's arses. ;D
No, to the good it is or to the worse, Russians are really the only ones who seek "their own way" for now. Although, their way becomes too winding and wrong as it seems to me.