My Greatgrandfather was a Zaporosnian Cossack and I sometimes still wear his hat. Bogdan Khmelnytsky was the most famous of the Ukrainian Cossacks that they named a large city after him in west Ukraine. He also has his picture on the Ukrainian five Grivni bill.

Bogdan Khmelnitsky technically was not a Cossack. He was a petty Ukrainian (Russian – in the meanin Rus, not Russia) szlachta and his feud with Czaplinski led him to writing letter to Władysław IV in attemt to protect his lands from ruining. The king answered "You have your sword". That gives pretext to some Historians to state that Władysław IV elaborately pushed Khmelnitsky into his "controlled" rebellion and the purpose was to unite Poland under the King's rule and restrain unruly Szlachta. Yet Khmelnitsky in the very beginning stated that he rose not against the King who was a "kind father to Cossacks" but against evil magnates. But the king died in 1648 and nothing could restrain the nation that rose, not even Khmelnitsky.