Thanks for this thread. Since I cannot find any inspiration in western modern music (Polish as well) I started searching East Slavic music and I cannot stop listening  ;)

1) The song "Конь" (The Horse) by the group "Любэ". This amazing song even were proposed to be the national anthem!.  ::) There is the splendid performance of famous folk singer Pelageya and artist Darya Moroz.

I know Pelageya. Recently I found her beautiful song "Ptashechka"  :)

2) All songs of В.Высоцкий, for example "Баллада борьбы" well performed by Melnitsa ;)

Vysockij’s ballads are epic and rather known in Poland. But I have never heard any alternative version of this ballad. This performance is very nice  :)

3) And the last  for a while, but one of the most Slavic :D. Wonderful music and text!

The music and text are really wonderful, but you posted here the softest version of Nebo Slavian. Nobody can perform it better that Kinchev. I like Alisa’s unofficial video composed – among others – of old movies and military threads  ;D


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