Next part of songs. Some of rock and author songs.

1) Very famous song by Oleg Mityaev. This song is played fast everywhere. Be it a party or a walking tour in a forest or mountains it doen't matter. :) A great song, in first order of course because of lyrics. "How wonderful it is, that we all gather here…"
"Как здорово"
Олег Митяев – Как здорово (Из ничегонеделанья)

2) ДДТ – "Это всё". No comments. ;)
"Do not cry, if you can forgive me
Life – no sugar
And death to us – not tea
I carry his own way
Good-bye, friend, and farewell"
Юрий Шевчук – Это все…

3) Машина Времени – "Костёр"
Машина времени – Костер (с текстом песни)


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