I also like Russian folk-pop and folk-rock.
So, listen to this brilliant folk-rock by the band "Melnitsa"
The first song based on Nikolai Gumilev's verses dedicated to knyaginya Olga. I love that song:
The videotrack is not original, however. It's from the Polish film "Kiedy Slonce bylo Bogiem" (When the Sun was a God")
Мельница – Ольга
The whole album "Дорога сна" (The road of dreams) is strikingly brilliant.
Мельница – Дорога Сна
The next is Rapunzel. Strange thing, the amator-contributors to youtube love to combine Melnitsa's soundtracks with Polish videotracks. This time, again, a Polish movie where Michal Zebrowski stars. The film "Wiedmin"/"Ведьмак" is rather bad in my opinion but is based on completely fascinating fantasy-series by Andrzej Sapkowski of the same name.
МЕЛЬНИЦА: "Рапунцель"
A rare fragment:
Helavisa (the Melnitsa's solist) with hard-rock band solist Berkut
Ария [А.Беркут] & Хелависа-Там высоко [Ария 25 лет 27/11/10]