The Other Russia consists of Nazbols, the Jew Garry Kasparov and a lot of other freaks ;D

LOL. And that is about the entire extent of the anti-Putin politics in Russia today? That's sad.

There is different social movements, but they aren't allowed to become political parties. For example such recent civil forums like "Anti-Seliger" and "The last Autumn", whose leaders are Alexey Navalny and the "Green" Evgeniya Chirikova. But if we consider only political parties, then yes, unfortunately there aren't parties, which are in fact opposite to Putin. :( Prokhorov, when he was the leader of "Pravoe delo", tried to go against the official government, but he suffered a defeat.
It is well-known fact, that a demand makes a supply. The real fact is that today there isn't any Russian demand on other parties and leader except Putin. He and his party "United Russia" are really very popular among usual people. The old women are in raptures over every Putin's increase of a pension. But they don't ponder on that the inflation increase was much more significant than increase in their pension. It's simply ridiculous! :-


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