The old women are in raptures over every Putin's increase of a pension. But they don't ponder on that the inflation increase was much more significant than increase in their pension. It's simply ridiculous! :-

In Poland is was quite the same thing with the Law and Justice Party that kept appealing to people's basic patriotism and Catholic faith, but basically, just to their emotions. The old ladies simply get a high by listening to these politicos. My grandmother sometimes, not so subtly, recalls Communist Poland: "Well, at least everyone had a job."

The problem is not just that Putin and people like him appeal to emotions (that can be a good thing), however, these kinds of politicians make that the main force of their appeal and they refuse to take on a modern worldview, but rather spend their time recalling "past greatness." They have no concise plan to achieve greatness in the future, just propagate the past. It's a closed cycle that won't go anywhere or at least anywhere good.


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