Sadly, most Polish beers were bought out and are now focused on mass-production. Most well-known Polish beers unfortunately have no real taste anymore. But there are still some gems which can be found.

Any piwo niepasteryzowane tastes much better than any mass-produced beer due to 100% natural ingredients. Honey beers are also very nice. Best of all are Polish orkiszowe beers (not sure what is in English word for "orkisz").

Examples are:


Probably most well-known. Very decent beer.


Harder to find perhaps, but really, really good!


My absolute favourite Polish beer. Totally unique taste and something truly Polish. Highly recommended! This is one of piwa orkiszowe.

Also, there are many honey beers like:

[img width=297 height=700]http://www.forumbiznesu.pl/obrazki/Image/ciechan_miodowe.jpg”/>

This is just one example of this rare breed of beer. It also tastes especially good around autumn time (even if it's little bit warm).


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