Good! They needed good ass whooping! How about those "brave" Tatars? Germanics slapped 'em around a bit, they hauled ass  ;D
Thanks Husarz, I've had more fun reading about it this time around than I did in elementary school  ;) Kudos to our Slovak, Czech, Russian, Ukrainian and all other Slavic brothers! Slavic Power!  ;D

:) Just remember it was precisely that kind of nationalism, exploited by both sides, that created some major rifts between the Slavs and the Germanics.

Still, though… we DID kick their ass big time. ;)

Here is some further information specifically about Jan Matejko's famous painting depicting the battle.
It's a long and detailed essay. Very interesting, but too much to copy here.

Matejko's painting of the famous battle:
[img width=700 height=298]http://info-poland.buffalo.edu/classroom/JM/main.jpg”/>


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