That said, these places do have shared history. I think it is ridiculous to say that Lviv's history is solely Ukrainian. It is under Ukrainian administration and there is no reason to change that, but its history is rich and varied. Same thing with Gdańsk, it has much German history and no one should deny that. It is the aggressive nationalist claims of "reclaiming lost land" are pretty much bullshit. That has always led to war and suffering.

As I already said, I do not deny that these region has a shared history – that's a common fact . I was mainly objecting to the article calling Ukrainians "invaders".

With that, I would agree with you 100%. It's wrong.

The site's ridiculously short piece on the etymology of "Ukraine" is even worse. But then again, it is by noticing that we can correct. Seeing Polish-Ukrainian shared history, it actually baffles me and to why so many sources are either solely Polish or Ukrainian. At least, the ones that I have seen are. Surely, there must be some academics From Kiev, Kraków, Lviv and Warsaw who see the great benefit of having jointly researched sources.


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