Ah Kresy, my family on my mother's side is from over there, somewhere around Tarnopol and Trembowla, though some are from Lwow.  They would sing "Sokoly" and "Oczy Czarne" any chance they got  ;D . I've never been there, don't have any emotional ties to the place. I was born and grew up in a town on Polish/German border. My take on it is, respect what the reality is now, use wisdom to approach this subject and work towards one Slavic land without borders based on freedom and unity. We all need to be Slavic first and whatever else we are next. United we stand and prosper, divided we fall. ( Cannot take credit for this thought, wish I could  ;)  ) Don't hate me because I love all Slowianie  ;)  Slavic Power!  ;D


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