We all need to be Slavic first and whatever else we are next. United we stand and prosper, divided we fall. ( Cannot take credit for this thought, wish I could  ;)

Ah, idealism. It's a great thing. I just hope enough can people can honestly work toward it. Coming to grips with ugly pasts makes this difficult for all of us. The case of Kresy is a prime example here. We all tend to over-romanticize our plights and ignore those other others and the ironic result is mutual plight. We just need to despise those who deliberately try to divide our brother nations.

My take on it is, respect what the reality is now, use wisdom to approach this subject and work towards one Slavic land without borders based on freedom and unity.

I think there will always be borders, but a solely Slavic Schengen-style aggreement would be welcome one day. I think the more realistic idea here is "Slavic Confederation." Many on this board have brought this kind of idea up. Seeing how we here on Slavorum can look past national chauvinism, I bet that other Slavs can too. Then we have to take this to the next level.


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