Well, I know ( empirically speaking ) just three Slavic "nationalities, tribes or insert whatever word you want here to make it more palatable to your particular mindset" Poles, Czechs and to lesser degree Sorbs, based on where I grew up. We all do feel we are basically the same, some just forget it sometimes ;)  The key is to grow wisdom, out of all the mental "tools" we use to understand stuff, wisdom is the only one that never, ever fails when used. Slavs ain't dummies, we can learn to use wisdom, ignore emotions, and act sensibly to our benefit as a whole. What I see as a mistake is emphasizing what our enemies do instead of what we need to do to achieve our goal. It matters not what they say or do if we can see right through it. It's not like our enemies use wisdom, they don't, they don't possess it, they use complicated and convoluted schemes that appear on the surface as "charity", "tolerance", "justice", "compassion" etc. To quote Mark Twain "real charity is not giving a bone to the dog it's sharing a bone with the dog when you are as hungry as the dog". We know that's not what they are doing, they are like drug dealers giving free samples to get you hooked ;) In other words we need to take care of all things Slavic first and if there is any room left, we will worry about other things. Think of a really good chess player. It's not that I hate others I do not, I just love Slavs more.  Pragmatism over emotions. Hvala to all Slavs  ;D


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