Ukrainian, Swedish, Tatar and Turkish invaders

Sorry, that's quite insulting. Ukrainian slavs have populated this area for centuries, just think for example about the Kingdom of Halych-Volyn and most of the important cities were founded by Ukrainians. I do not deny that you left your traces there, but still it's our land and we will always be the rightful owners. Lviv is as Polish as Gdánsk is German or Warszawa is Russian – not a single bit.

Excuse my harsh words, but it's a sensitive subject to me.

Though the land has always been overwhelmingly East-Slavic, it was shared for much of its history between two Slavic families.  As a result, much of the Polish spirit is derived from these lands, and there are also Poles with undeniable East-Slavic ancestry.  Them saying they feel an ancestral connection to the East-Slavic lands should not be taken as an offense. 


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