Though the land has always been overwhelmingly East-Slavic, it was shared for much of its history between two Slavic families.  As a result, much of the Polish spirit is derived from these lands, and there are also Poles with undeniable East-Slavic ancestry.  Them saying they feel an ancestral connection to the East-Slavic lands should not be taken as an offense. 

I do not take anything of that as offense, I was only complaining about the phrase "Ukrainian invaders" and how this site portrayed Ukrainians.

To lighten up this discussion here are two songs that anyone who has ties to the area will know:

Hej Sokoly          Hej Sokoły.-Maryla Rodowicz


Oczy Czarne      Justyna Steczkowska- Oczy Czarne (Oczi Ciornyje) (oryg. Violetta Villas) 2007


Hej Sokoly is great :)


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