Lviv is as Polish as Gdánsk is German or Warszawa is Russian – not a single bit.

Here I have to disagree with you. Poles left big legacy in cities like Lwów/Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk (formerly Stanisławów/Stanyslaviv), just like Germans also left big legacy in cities like Gdańsk/Danzig and Szczecin/Stettin, so it is not fair to say "not a single bit", since this influence can still be seen today more when compared to other parts of our countries. I believe that respect should be where respect is due.

But please don't misunderstand me, this historical influence and legacy does not justify any kind of return to side that claims it for historical reasons. Western Ukraine/Belarus cannot go back to Poland, since it was always majority inhabited by East Slavs (ancestors of today's Ukrainians, Belarussians and Rusyns), even when under Polish rule. Also thanks to Stalin, there are no Poles left (Volyn massacres and Akcja Wisła also had terrible effects on native Poles and Ukrainians in whole of Galicja region) to justify any claim from Poland's side.

Same like while Germans had huge influence on Poland's current West and were even majority in some parts of it (not always by peaceful means, unfortunately ::)), this land was Slavic (Polish, Silesian and Pommeranian) long before there was even German state, and thanks to (unfortunate, even tragic, but necessary and to some extent deserving) expulsions, Germans can also no longer claim this lands.

Only exception to this rule would be if both sides were to agree to some kind of mutual solution.
Otherwise, I agree with you, but that part there that I highlighted, I don't consider fair, but I know how things get when it's sensitive subject (though indeed, where we agree in this point 100% is that Warsaw has NOTHING to do with Russia ;)).

And of course, "Ukrainian invaders" should have no place in that article, I agree with you 100%, since this region is their home, but then again, you have similar kinds of chauvinist idiots in Ukraine claiming that Kraków belongs to Ukraine. Like you said before, biggest problem today in our great relations are such arrogant idiots that poison good blood our nations have been able to maintain (like example of NOP and Svoboda nationalists, as extreme example) and allow to grow by looking towards our mutual and bright future together.


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