Thanks, Husarz for posting this. I wanted to ask about this topic. What do you guys think of this? Is she really guilty? Sokil?

Difficult to say. To be honest, I'm too frustrated with our politics to care much. Tymoshenko was the one to spoil the things that were good about Yushchenko's policy and she acts like a true opportunist so I don't have much sympathy for her. True, some Ukrainians view her as the only alternative to this awful Moscow-backed Yanukovych-administration but I'm to educated to fall for this. All my hopes rely on the Ukrainian nationalist organizations and guys like Oleh Tyahnybok, they can bring serious change and improvement. The Orange Revolution and her failure showed what every sane Ukrainian knows deep inside – we can by no means count on the democrat camp, they are a bunch of losers who will in the end just replace Moscovian hegemony with EU or US hegemony – nothing better in my opinion. We have to cleanse Ukrainian politics from Moscow's sock puppets as well as from faggots who will sell Ukraine to the western powers – otherwise we perish.


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