The answer here is effective militarism. I believe it Wilkolak who posted the meeting of NOP and Svoboda in Warsaw recently. Two nationalist groups and they are willing to work together despite a turbulent history between Poland and Ukraine. I am sure they are active online and have most young people, thus this would something good to follow if the rest of the political scene is giving you a headache.

It would be cool to see detailed postings on Nationalist Fronts from each Slavic nation. We could see who is who and who is willing to cooperate for a better future.

Actually it was me who posted that thread ;)
NOP and Svoboda are at the moment the biggest nationalist groups in the respective countries and Oleh Tyahnybok, the guy I mentioned in my previous post, is currently the head of Svoboda. I already mentioned it in the thread about the meeting of Svoboda and NOP officials, I really do think that good relations between Ukrainian and Polish nationalists is the key to bring change not only to Poland and Ukraine but also to the other Intermarium states – Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. I am quite positive on our future despite the horrid politics in present-day Ukraine – the question is not IF change will happen but WHEN it will happen.


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