Thank you Husarz and Prelja for your help.

I see word Jaszowiec is almost exactly the same in slovene. At least in official standard slovene language Poles would pronaunce my surname like this; Jaszowec. But if you would spell my surname in my local dialect then you would shortened my surname into; Jaszuc or Jaszowc. Dialect were i come from always change original names and especialy surnames into shorter little different versions.

I was cheking on Google Earth again and looked at many pictures of that place. I found picture with this title; Hotel Jawor w Ustroniu Jaszowcu, that makes sence. Standardised language is always written a bit different than original local pronunciation.

Since village of Jaszowiec near Ustron is from Silesia i wonder how would local Ślůnzoki call it in their dialect?  If anyone knows please tell me.


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