Slight correction, lonewolf, piwne oczy are hazel (green and brown mix) and not amber eyes. ;)


But both amber and hazel eyes can be found in Poland. In fact, hazel are very common all over Europe.

Amber eyes are actually called oczy bursztynowe (yellow and brown mix) in Polish:


Both change with climatic and lighting conditions. They will generally be at their darkest in dark and cloudy conditions, and lightest in direct sunlight.

Myself, this is my eye-colour:


So-called blue-green eyes. They are green in artificial light (due to blue and amber blend mixing for some reason), amber in dark and cloudy conditions (around the pupil becomes dominant for some reason) and blue in direct sunlight (where blue surrounding iris for some reason becomes dominant).

I love being white! ;D What other race can boast such natural diversity instead of all having brown eyes?


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