Interesting, I'll check it out. The nerdy rednecks I work with will be my lab  ;D   To tell you the truth I have never seen ( not that I payed attention or anything ) really dark eyes in Poland. I consider brown what you call hazel. Most "dark eyed" Poles have amber color from what I have seen. But than again I base my observation on south western Poland and specifically the corner where Poland. Czech Republic and Germany come together, home to me. I am no expert though   ;)

You are definitely not wrong. Eyes which I wrote as "ciemnobrązowe" are rare in Europe at all, let alone Poland. They are type found amongst blacks, East Asians, Amerindians and all "nesian" people from Southeast Asia, Australasia and Pacific regions. Also, most South/Southwest Asians and North Africans have such eyes, though not all.

Such dark eyes you may find among some Italians, Spaniards, Greeks, Portuguese and Georgians, but definitely only in minority.

Like this:


Whereas we whites can boast blue, green, grey, amber, hazel and brown eyes. I have also read about existence of violet eyes among whites.

WHat do mean by stripes? I am no expert. ;)

EDIT – I messed something up. I thought lonewolf sent photos of his eyes and not Svaty. ;D I REALLY need sleep, I think.

@ Svaty

Yeah, you've got amber eyes. In fact, textbook amber IMO. If I may add, very interesting combination with your reddish hair. ;)


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