I actually know what Lonewolf is talking about. It's like brown eyes, but extremely light variant.

So now you know the second one – me  ;D  You wanted to know what are my eyes like  :)  Wilko, you are such an expert, are these eyes amber?  ;D  (snapped in a normal light at home)


"Amber.  Dictionary Definition:  A brownish yellow.  True amber eyes are very rare in humans, and look exotically wolf-like.  I picture amber eyes to be a clear, luminous warm gold color.  Other ways to describe the same thing include golden brown eyes, honey-brown eyes, and tawny brown eyes.  All of these terms describe essentially the same color, but can have some slightly different connotations.  Golden sounds rich and beautiful, honey sounds sweet and sexy, and tawny has a pleasing sound. "

Jééj, I've got honey in my eyes  :D

Well if I may, I am nowhere near the level of expertise of Wilkolaks, but I can tell you this… you have beautiful eye color, I could easily lose myself in these eyes  ;D

I mean the pattern, look at both pictures closely it'll dawn on you  ;)


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