Lonewolf, thank you  :)  Just please, don't get lost, it will be difficult to find you then  ;D

Pentaz, yeah, do it. Btw. I'm sorry, I started it with those beer eyes  ;D

You definitely have gorgeous Slavic eyes, I can see almost thru your Slavic soul ;)  I have to rethink my whole strategy on being loner and never getting married, now that I know what I'm missing!  ;D    Please, please, pretty please  with cherries on top disregard my post on "would you only marry a Slav" thread, I did not know what I was saying! I was under the influence of ignorance and stupidity! I violated my own rule ( I abused being stupid  ;D ). I retract all my previous statements on the subject! My sincere apologies! I'll keep my big mouth shut from now on!  ;D


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