Divljak about the maps i think it is posible that croatia was bigger but i didnt make this post becouse of croatia's size during Tomislav.

I was unclear whit my question so i apologize. All i am asking you guys is, do you think standard croatian should be based on Chakavian or should it remain Stokavian. Thats all i want to know. I would prefer if croatian was based on chakavian becouse it is most archaic.

So what do you think should standard croatian be based on Chakavian or remain Stokavian?

štokavian, because its modern, and developed.

čakavian is archaic, and during Venetian rule its progress was halted, and replaced with Venetian as they began to venetianize cultural centers, so today it has lots of borrowed words from Venetian.

However today, especially in grammar, some rules from čakavian are present.

Lets say that in modern standard štokavian, all dialects are somewhat present, also all marine terms, names for fishes, etc come from čakavian


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