This thread is bound to piss of Canada. But, hey, who was the greatest Canadian hockey player? The one who played in both the NHL and in the Olympics?

It's Wayne Gretzky! His mother was of English descent, but his father's side was Polish, Russian and Ukrainian with the latter being his grandparents' language of choice.

[size=15pt]Уейн Гретцкі[/size]

[img width=466 height=700]http://www.popstarsplus.com/images/WayneGretzkyPicture.jpg”/>

There are over 1 million people of Ukrainian descent in Canada, about 980,000 Polish Canadians, about 100,000 people of Croatian ancestry, 100,000 of Croatian background and also many of Belarussian descent (I don't know the number), this explains pretty much all concerning Canada and ice hockey ;D

Oh, and before I forget: All hail Wayne Gretzky!


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