Yes it 100% slavic. The fact that to you Prelja it sound like mixture of Polish, Czech and Sloval and to me like mixture of Slovenian, Serbo-croatian and Polish proves that they are closest to Poles and that Slovene and Serbo-croatian has some kind of west slavic influence. I think West-south slavic people have some kind of west slavic origin.

For a long time I have suspected that all the Slavs come from the Veneti, and Sorbs know it for sure  ;)

I have been wondering about this for quite some time. Just to think; similarity of name for Croatian town Osijek and name Osiek for many Polish places isnt just accidence.

Not only Osjek. For example your capital name Ljubljana sounds similar to Polish towns Lublin, Lubin, Lubań, Luboń, Lubanowo etc. :)


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