This of course is bullshit, at least in my opinion. Vikings played close to no role in founding Rus'. Rus' was founded and ruled by proto-Ukrainian slavs and the term "Rus" is of Sarmatian origin, just like "Hrvat" or "Srb".

I agree, this is someone's wet dream, very popular in the West. It's on par with the theory that the name Slavs comes from Slave, because all Slavs were Slaves of the Roman empire yada, yada. Seems our western friends don't have enough problems with barbaric hoards over running their countries, feel bored and have to just teach us dimwitted Slavs "who we really are".  What would we do without experts?  ;D

The idea that vikings founded Slavic civilization is very popular among Germanic chauvinists for obvious reasons. I have a National Geographic atlas that says that "Rus" was the name of a viking group. I doubt that National Geographic is being chauvinist, but rather just ignorant. Still, the West has its biases and we should do our best to correct them. Germanics are quite good at promoting or forcing their culture and American globalism is really the grand culmination of this. The Anglos had their Empire, now American globalization (which started when the US was still segregated and racist, and this it is an Anglo-American product) has an economic hegemony in the world — "Coca Colanization."

Slavs shouldn't sink to such chauvinist lows, but we must straighten out the lies that are still told about our people.


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