I need to hear your theory in order to comment it. Please describe me your theory in Eastern Slavs thread, i am intereseted.

Right now all i can say is another example how things worked back in old days. In medieval age England was germanic speaking kingdom but their nobels and kings were all of foregin blood and language from 1066 onwards. They were Normans. Normans were romanised vikings from Duchy of Normandy. They spoke french dialect called Norman.

English kings and nobles spoke this French dialect until around 15th century. That means that English kings were French speaking for a little more than 300 years. Considering that similar examples existed all over Europe, i belive that viking origin of name Rus is quite plausible.

I remind you again that Nestor the Chronicler was Kievan Rus and he made Primary Chronicle. So it is not some kind of Germanic propaganda. Also, Rus means oarsman in Old Norse.


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