Prelja let me start this way;

1) modern Sweden is called Ruots and Russia is called Venäjä by Finns.

2) Primary Chronicle says that Varangians (a term for various germanic tribes) who are called Rus forced Chuds, Slavs, Merias, Veses and Krivichs to pay tribute. These tribes drove them back to Scandinavia. But becouse these tribes started to fight each other they invited Rus back. Their leader was Rurik, founder of Rurik dynasty. According to Primary Chronicle it goes like this:

Chuds, Slavs, Merias, Veses and Krivichs drove them back beyond the sea and, set out to govern themselves. There was no law among them, tribe rose against tribe. Discord thus ensued among them, and they began to war one against the other. They said to themselves, "Let us seek a prince who may rule over us, and judge us according to the Law." They accordingly went overseas to the Varangian Russes. These particular Varangians were known as Russes, just as some are called Swedes, and others Normans, English and Gotlanders, for they were thus named. The Chuds, the Slavs, the Krivichs and the Ves then said to the Rus, "Our land is great and rich, but there is no order in it. Come to rule and reign over us". They thus selected three brothers with their kinfolk, who took with them all the Rus and migrated.

We could say Rus were a small tribe that worked like some kind of a trading organisation like example British East India Company which coquered entire India in 19th century. Also interesting thing is that in province of Uppland in Sweden there is an area called Roslagen.

Rune stones in Roslagen tell about expeditions and colonisation of Gardariki which translates as realm of fortified towns or gard's as Norse people called them. Norse name gard sounds similar to slavic gord or grad dosent it? According to Norse sources Gardariki is in same area like northern part of modern european Russia.

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This of course is bullshit, at least in my opinion. Vikings played close to no role in founding Rus'. Rus' was founded and ruled by proto-Ukrainian slavs and the term "Rus" is of Sarmatian origin, just like "Hrvat" or "Srb".

Still, there are in Serbian language words  "rusa glava" or "rusa kosa" pointing man with very long hair.