I still do not understand why people call that nation Wends or Sorbs. Both names were given them by their neighbors (Germans or Scandinavians), and those names are not real names of that nation.  When we listen them or read what they wrote it is clear that they call themselfs "Serbi" (i.e. Serbski Dom)
In this way, do we contribute to their assimilation calling them "Sorbs" or "Wends" instead  Lusatian Serbi or Lusatian Serbs, pointing to their real name and nationality. I ask this because I believe that we all here want to help preservation of the nation that have being exposed to asimilation during thousand years.

They were called Sorbs by the Germans, to differentiate them from the Serbs. However Lusatians/Wends call themselves Serbs and us southern Serbs, we call them northern Serbs. We had strong bonds, some of them even served in our armies as generals, fighting against Ottoman occupation.