An interesting fact.

It was believed that Novgorod Republic which existed between 12th and 15th century in northwest of present Russia was inhabited by Slavs living in the lower reaches of Dnepr river. After analysing around 300 birch-barks uncovered near the city of Veliky Novgorod (birch-bark is a piece of bark  which people used to write on) historians concluded that the region was likely to be settled by western Slavs – Bodrichi,  Polabian Serbs and other tribes.

A short list of Serbian words http://luzicane.narod.ru/Slovar_polsko-polabsko-ceshsko-nemecko-russkij-SerbJa.htm

There are so many similar words we have in the Russian language. Even if some words are not the same, it is easy to guess what they are. For example odour (English)- zapach(Russian) – won’ (Serbian).  won’ in Russian literally means a ‘bad smell'. ))

The kids and some adults too  on video speak with a strong German accent. It’s good to see the kids are learning the language.)


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