Polish people unfortunately have little balls or sense of self-identity. We are some of greatest whores in Europe when it comes to foreign (especially Western or American) trends, so they do not see anything beyond what may happen to EU. What we need to do is milk it for all it is worth, so that we can continue functioning afterwrads.

Yeah, nationalism has a bad name these days. I think that the post-Soviet fad of "yay! now we are part of the West!" is bound to fade. Poland is producing a lot of its own goods and people are returning from abroad to work in Poland. The young people in the vid in Kraków said that they like to travel abroad, but wish to work in Poland… that's how it should be!

I live in the US so it is odd for me to say, but it wasn't my choice to move here! I was 5 when it happened! ;)

On the other hand, I saw one of those new Fiat 500s recently and Jennifer Lopez advertizes them on TV :)


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