Hola, hola, Husarz, don't in any way think that I am attacking Polonia. Especially not ones like you who work hard to maintain Polish heritage, identity and especially language. That is not what I meant. I myself lived for many years outside of Poland and also consider myself partly Polonia.

I meant Poles living in Poland with last thing, that everything Western they gulp down like they have been living under rock for centuries. OK, communism left it's mark, ale bez przesady.

I didn't take offense at what you wrote! I understood what you meant :)

In fact, the "little balls or sense of identity" (well put!) was something that I saw in my cousins. They are pretty smart and capable people – fluent Polish and French and good English, have been abroad and work in good jobs – however, they are falling into that mass of "greater europe." They are apathetic to most political affairs or world events, like to party and drink… basically they fit right into multicultural hedonism. I haven't seen them in a while, perhaps they have since matured, because I know I have. 2 years ago I would have never considered even looking for a forum like this. "Culture" seemed like an unnecessary burden that prevented me from having "fun."


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