I have a new word for you : powolny in Polish means slow, but in Slovak povoľný, or better said povoľná (žena) is a woman who really likes to give her… love… to a plenty of men. Something like a slut  :D  Don't tell to any Slovak girl : "you are powolna."  ;D

Polish words “powolny, powolna” have another older meaning. It means the work or activity performed according to one’s will or obedience. As far as I know Byelorussians and Ukrainians have similar word, and maybe the meaning is alike. You can also find in Poland a surname Powolny for men and Powolna for women which has no abusive nature at all.

So I think, that abusive meaning of Slovak world “povolna” can derive from describing the woman who… ahem… deals with man freely, not under coercion and probably has fun with it. ;)


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