"Wolna" in Polish means "free" or "slow." In the case of the woman, the "free" seems to make sense. Before demographic reality changed liked crazy, sometime after the 1950s, women were really home-bound and subservient to men. They were expected to be such. Even earlier it was not uncommon for a woman to give birth 8 times or more during her life and spend it all caring for her home and kids while the man worked. Thus, "free" women in that kind of society were, by default, branded as sluts whether they worked as "escorts" or not. It was so unusual for a woman to make her own choices that people were afraid of it.

However, about language, many Slavic languages have the same words, but with slightly differently meanings. Like in Polish "momentalnie" means "for a moment" however in Czech it mean "in a moment" which in Polish would be "za chwile." There must be many other such instances between Czech-Polish-Slovak-Sorbian.


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