Gorali dialect is a language between Polish and Slovak, that is why it reminds you of Slovak.
It's also vice-versa, Polish sounds funny to the Slovaks  :)  Btw. I have a new word for you : powolny in Polish means slow, but in Slovak povoľný, or better said povoľná (žena) is a woman who really likes to give her… love… to a plenty of men. Something like a slut  :D  Don't tell to any Slovak girl : "you are powolna."  ;D

Hahahahaha, another classic I need to remember! Szukam powolnej szczotki i idziemy na zachód. :D
It's amazing how similar our languages are, yet how many really different words we can mutually come across.
Usually it's innocent and normal words in Polish that mean naughty and even offensive words in Czech or Slovak. ;)
Good fun for everyone.


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