What is there to hate? I may not like rap music but they at least say a lot of good things about Poles and Slavs. It makes people feel good. And the girls are astonishing you must admitt. You wont see woman like that on Mtv. They may not be perfect but at least they cincerely try to promote Slavic culture in westernized Poland. And people seek for it, they loved those songs so they made them represent us on Eurovision. Also for Europ 2012 Poles choose as anthem a funny folkish song by a group of elder ladies. We love this. Its ours. The only bad thing is that there was some fight between Donatan and Percival band that made the whole Slavic part in Równonoc album so in this track there is some strange not much Slavic melody.
But to cut it short – Those photos made me want to praise Slavic beauty ;) first thing that came to my mind. I see no reason to hate this band. First people love them and after a while when they gain success people start flaming. Its a post-colonial syndrome. I think for myself ;)


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