Prelja i am interesed in all people and their cultures, but i am espeicaly interesed in Slavic and their neighbour cultures.

Also i am very interesed in these lands becouse they are so interesting and becouse they have such complex past. I think German Pommeranians are very "slavic" if we exclude their germanic language.

Pomerania, Pomerelia and north Wielkopolska are on my eyes becouse of polish region Kociewie which is pronounced exactly the same as slovene region of Kočevje. I find it even more fascinating becouse Kociewie is very close to another polish region called Krajna. Slovene land of Kranjska or in archaic slovene Krajnska has similar name. We also have Bela Krajina or White Krajina which is in reality pronounced Bela Krajna by Slovenes but becouse of illyrian movement it is officialy Bela Krajina.

I will make seperate thread about this.


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