I agree that loan words should be actively replaced in the standard language through words that do exist in our language or 'allslavisms' (vseslavenske reci), but are considered archaisms. This did happen in the Serbian language reform in the middle 19th century, but I have to say uneducated idiots still use turkish loan words in the press (about the common slang I don't even want to talk). I am also deeply disappointed how some of our people behave in relation to our language, treating it like mere 'shit', raping it with all kind of foreign crap.

This I admire the Croats and their linguistic hygiene, eventhough they go over the top sometimes with neologism and the invented "new words".

It is sad when one recalls that 150 years ago we used a language that was far more ours than this one tends to be today. Slavjanosrpski (used only by the intellectual elite and the clergy) marked "archaic and dead" was replaced by the 'narodni jezik' (old herzegovinian dialect), as the standard language.