In any case, in most Indo-European languages the word came from the same root:
French – savon;
Italian – sapone;
Romanian and Albanian – sapun;
Catalan – sabo;
Danish – saebe;
Spanish – jabon;
Estonian – seep;
Finnish – saippua;
Galician – xabon;
Celtic – sebon;
Greek – σαπούνι;
Islandian – sapa;
Dutch – zeep;
Norwigian – sape;
Portuguese – sabao.
Armenian – sabun;
Hindi – sapun /listen to the pronunciation here http://translate.google.fr/translate_t?hl=&ie=UTF-8&text=fear&sl=en&tl=de#en|hi|soap /

However, the word even in some non-European languages tend to be the same –
Basque – xaboia;
Hungarian – szappan;
Swahili – sabuni.
I guess the basques borrowed it from the Romans, and the Swahili from the Arabs; and the Hungarians from whoever around them.

Dont want to be smart all u said is true but the estonian and finnsh languages goes into same group as hungarian so i guess they arent european then aswell. :)


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