Vasmer's Etymological Dictionary also doesn't really give a clue as to where Мыло or any kind comes from:

WORD: мы́ло
GENERAL: укр. ми́ло, блр. мы́ло, цслав. мыло, сербохорв. ми̏ло, словен. mílo, чеш. mýdlo, польск., в.-луж. mуdɫо. Праслав. *mydlo от мыть. Эст. mugl, род. п. mugla, mogla заимств. из др.-псковск. *мыгло; ср. Оянсуу, Ееsti Kееl, 1922, стр. 139; Фасмер, RS 6, 185; Ееsti Kееl, 1938, стр. 164 и сл.; Калима, FUF 29, 87.

Basically, it only tells us that the word is derived from the proto-Slavic *mydlo which has a connection to the Estonian "mugl" and the Old-Pskovian *мыгло. (or at least, if I understood it correctly) :P


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