Vrt is rarely used here and it usually reserved for big gardens.
Maybe it sounds weird and "unnatural" but our language already had one wave of linguistic purism, if it weren't for that  we would still have the avlija instead of dvoriste , ambrel instead kisobran, penzeri for windows etc.

It would be nice to "update" the language once again, right now it looks like one polluted river.
It shouldn't  be anything extreme , but we could return those words which are almost forgotten but still used instead of foreign ones.
One can easily turn on the TV and hear what kind of language is used even in the media.
I can understand why would a Serb or a Croat in USA use "Serblish","Crolish" speech , but there is no excuse for us here.
And most of the Turkish words we have are not Turkish at all and are no longer in use even in their own language because they had had a huge language reformation.


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