Hah, indeed, Agent Romanov should’ve been first in the list of comic book heroes. And, damm, how I hate Slavic women’s names ending on -ov, just because the Westerners can’t learn the differences in gender surnames (then again, I also didn’t know that f.e. Lithuanian female surnames also have a difference between married and unmarried versions, ouch).

Anyway, as Stargate was posted above, it reminded me of SGA’s Dr. Radek Zelenka (Czech).

Then again, in SG-1 there were several Russians as well, most notably Colonel Chekov.

Which then reminds me of another sci-fi icon – Star Trek’s Pavel Chekov (Russian).

or the new version

And then, my favourite (with even a proper surname, wow) – Babylon 5’s Susan Ivanova (Russian (Russian Jewish, actually)).

And, for the record, an image of Viktor Krum (Bulgarian):


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