-closing the borders would cost much more than the illegals being there. Most of them came to USA legally and then overstayed their visas. There’s need for change in that part of US policies, but Trump’s demagoguery you call a plan wouldn’t do any good for anyone, it isn’t even pointed at right direction. And last interview I saw where he’s talking about illegals, he went softer on them, much, much softer than “THE WALL”, he took seemingly liberal approach, integrating illegals.
-well, that’s a much bigger issue than Trump. USA has been creating high risk ares in the Middle east for past 30 years, ending that should be their priority.
-They can try to revise those deals, but they will never be able to compete with them outside US and in USA, they’ll just “punish” their own people, cutting them of more affordable products with making customs higher. Middle class will suffer even more.
-Simplifying the tax code must be elaborated, but as far as I know, Trump never elaborated any of his grand plans and ideas.
-He was one of them corrupting politicians not to long ago. That’s easy to say, it’s popular to say, every average citizen in any country wants such thing to happen, but it won’t be easy or even possible maybe.