He’s been consistent with the following:
– Close the borders, deport illegals – I consider this a common sense position. Illegal immigrants are criminals, by virtue of being illegal if nothing else. Not to long ago you would get shot if you tried that, now everyone likes to pretent foreigners have a “right” to come into your country ininvited – a bizarre idea to me.
– Temporary ban immigration from high-risk areas – i.e certain muslim countries – Too soft a position for my taste, but better than nothing I guess.
– Revise the international trade deals to bring back industrial jobs from China and Mexico – those trade deals really only benefit multi-national companies at the expense of the middle class.
– Simplify the tax code – any objections?
– Drain the “swamp of corruption” in Washington DC.  – I think they’re long overdue, and this one will actually be felt here too. It will make it easier to kick out the puppets in charge of our own countries when the puppet masters are no more.