The progenitures of Germanic culture were the Norsemen who conquered Britain (and imposing a sorts of Saxon culture and thus creating the 'Germanic' identity of the contemporary British people).  Likewise – the culture we know as the "Germans" were created by the Franks, the ancestors of the contemporary French.   

The various Germanic people in history, and I refer to the migratory tribes, often had Slavic names (like the Winnili ~ Winnili = Wend = Slav) but retrospectively were Germanizied by German historians, with an agenda, in recent centuries

With the exception of language, I would say Scandinavians have more in common with mainstream Slavs in Phenotype and Culture than with mainstream Germanics (which includes the British).  Even on genetic maps, Swedes technically group closer to Poles and Russians (than with the British) while the British group closer to the French and Spaniards.  Phenotype wise, you see a lot of similiarties between the British / French / Spaniards.  Culturally speaking, Vodka and Spas were entirely unknown things in Britain until the 1970s (and even to this day, a "Spa" is a homosexual orgy house as opposed to the family friendly Sauna tradition in Scandinavia and Eastern Europe).

Having met a lot of British and Scandinavian tourists in South East Asia, the two groups don't get along at all and look nothing alike and have really nothing in common.


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