But – as Dietrich Scholze-Śolta wrote in article “Serbo-Lusatians – the smallest Slavonic nation” – because of many elements of social and cultural nature ,their language is leaving the everyday life ,and its the most important part of their identity.
So is getting smaller the bi-linguistic territory of historical Upper Lusatia (which lies in eastern part of federal state of Saxony) and Lower Lusatia (on the south-easters part of land Brandenburg)”.
In the situation when you dont have to fight to be Sorb ,there is not enough Sorbs.

GolemyGniew – Last part is full of crap. Truth is that they have almost no money ,they have to stick Serbian names on the signs themselves because there are such only in very few places. They are also gremanized and have to face contempt all the time. Using word “myth” in this article was absurd. Myth is something that is 100% made up ,even legend have some sources in truth so it makes absolutely no sense ,how someone may be a living proof of the myth that he existed. Eastern Germany is Slavonic land we have to remember it and make take any chance of taking it back. There are still Slavs under occupation there.


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