Goddess Mokos was worshipped by the Eastern Slavs, but some forms of her name also appear among the Western Slavs (Mukes, Mukus, Mococize). Mokos was the goddess of spinning, but she was also a protector of women, taking care about their health and their children. She helped the women in labour and protected their babies, at the same time helping the women keep a good marriage. Besides spinning, Mokos was connected with other duties reserved for women and with household management, but spinning was the skill that was in close relation with this goddess. There were many customs concerning Mokos as the protector of the spinners.
Another action related to Mokos was casting spells. The women that practiced sorcery in the 16th century Russia were called mokose.http://pagan-soul.blogspot.com.au/2010/11/slavic-goddess-mokosh.html

A modern song in Russia tributed to ancient goddess Мокошь (Mokosh).

Алевтина – Мокошь [Alevtina – Mokosz]


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